Cafe de Maraba- Roast

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Sweet and Delicious

Café de Maraba is the world’s first speciality coffee to originate from Rwanda. It is Delicious as both espresso and filter. It has Fruity notes, full bodied and perfectly balanced acidity.

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Rwanda is commonly nicknamed “The Land of a Thousand Hills” – a small country with a hilly landscape allowing you to see for miles. The high altitudes make for the perfect locations to grow speciality coffee. Maraba coffee is grown up at 1,700 meters above sea level.

Maraba coffee (Kinyarwanda: Ikawa ya Maraba; French: Café de Maraba) plants are the Bourbon variety of the Coffee arabica species and are grown on fertile volcanic soils on high-altitude hills in Rwanda. The fruits are handpicked, mostly during the after rainy season between May and June , and brought to our various washing station, where the coffee beans are extracted, fully washed and sun dried. At several stages, the beans are sorted according to quality.Our farmers receive credits based on the amount and quality of the beans they provide. Maraba is then sent to us (Rwashoscco) to be roasted and marketed on behalf of farmers. Maraba coffee is a brand fully owned and taken care by farmers from crop to package.


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